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The Disruptors (formerly FringeFM) is the podcast about today, tomorrow and the future of humanity. It brings together today’s top minds to discuss the future they are creating. From genetic engineering to manned space travel, AI and automation to factory farming, education and healthcare, the purpose of this podcast is to not only predict the future, but to create it.

The longtime host of the podcast is Matt Ward, an angel investor, serial entrepreneur, startup advisor, speaker, consultant, futurist, growth hacker, and author focused on helping startups change the world. He can be contacted at

The podcast has a dedicated website at Disruptors.FM, which includes all its episodes and more information about it.

(Note: The Disruptors was not started as an ASW program in the traditional sense. It was started as a fiscally sponsored program in collaboration with Matthew Ward. If you are interested in starting a program at ASW under the fiscal sponsorship model, please contact us.)

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